Landscapes of the Inca Jungle Trail

The surroundings are impressive and the balance achieved between nature and Inca architecture is amazing.

Urubamba mountain range have large and high peaks that reach up to 6,000 meters and the la VeronicaMalaga among others.

Abra de Malaga
Malaga Pass


It is abundant and varied. The existence of endangered species such as the spectacled bear (Oso de Anteojos - Tremarctos omatus), the Andean Cock of the Rock (rupicola peruvian), the dwarf deer (Pudu Mephistopheles), was one of the reasons why the Peruvian government decided to declare Conservation Unit.

The park includes species such as the puma, the Andean fox, river otter, Taruka (Huemul deer), wild cat, ferret, etc. There are birds like Machu Picchu Mountain Caracarahummingbirds, torrent duck, parrot, wild turkey and several small birds of colorful plumage.

There are also reptiles such as pallet and micrurus coral snake (lethal for its venom), lizards, frogs and numerous fauna of the jungle and the Andes that they inhabit the sanctuary. This abundant wildlife makes the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu is ideal for tourists and researchers who wish to watch or study animals.

oso de anteojos

Fauna in Macchu Picchu

Fauna in Macchu Picchu

Fauna in Macchu Picchu - llamas


The large natural areas are filled with a variety of forest species, which vary according to habitat. The forest vegetation is represented by trees such as cedarrosemary or intimpalaurel, etc. There are also species like OcoteaPedocarpusGuareaWeinmaniaClusiaCedropiaCinchena, or Pisonay Eritrina and oak among others.

Decorative plants have made the Sanctuary famous. Experts have identified more than 90 species of orchids and various species of begonias and puya cacti. Most of the area is covered by grasses, shrubs, trees silver. The variety of conditions have created an ideal environment for the growth of various plants ranging from the thick jungle like the cloud forest to the highest parts of the mountains atmosphere.

Flora in Macchu Picchu

Flora in machu picchu