Five activities perfect for an adventurous couple

Five activities perfect for an adventurous couple

If you’re looking to do something different with your partner, be encouraged to travel around Peru in search of a good dose of adrenaline

There are couples who prefer romantic dinners change in a fancy restaurant for an experience full of adventure. Accustomed to being outdoors, they will seek all kinds of activities full of adrenaline on every trip they make.

If you are one of those adventurous couples, Peru offers you dozens of perfect places to test your nerves and daring with your other half to do something new. From water sports to bungee jumping, there is something for everyone.

Ready for a good dose of adrenaline? Then you can not fail to include these destinations on the list for your next vacation.

1. Paragliding in Lima

Not to go too far to get a good shot of adrenaline. Tourism companies offer this service starting from the cliffs of the Costa Verde. Take still with us the sun so you have a beautiful view of the sea. Prices vary according to each company.

2. Bungee Jumping in Cusco

Enjoy the big picture of the Sacred Valley descend at full speed while tied to a rope. Action Valley is one of the destinations of choice for all adventurers in Cusco, where you can do Bungee Jumping and Slingshot for 74 or 64 dollars respectively.

3. Diving Máncora

Discover all the richness of our coast in the warm north. Dare to dive with your partner and live not only exciting but also romantic experience. The Spondylus school offers tours for beginners and people with PADI certification.

4. Stand Up Paddle in Puerto Maldonado

If yours is water, but prefer to stay on the surface, try a ride on Stand Up Paddle along the Tambopata River in Madre de Dios. The lodge Tambopata Research Center has this activity that will take you for a leisurely stroll through a portion of some mighty river. The price is $ 75.

5. Trekking in Arequipa

Peru is a paradise for lovers of long walks. Apart from the Inca Trail, the route of the country’s most famous trekking route in Arequipa Colca is also one of the most requested. You can choose to do it in 2.3 or 4 days, depending on your time and your physical ability. The price varies according to the agency to hire and day to walk.

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